Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Finally another of our short and sweet trip materialised after much searching and debating.
As suggested by Antara's sis Arpita, we decided on lansdowne.
Lansdowne is a small hill station in uttaranchal about a hour and a half's drive from kotdwara
and is situated at a height of roughly 1700 mts. It is famous for the Garhwal Regimental centre which was established by the britishers.

We took a train on friday from old delhi station , it took off at 10:30 pm and reached Kotdwara the next day morning at about 7. From there we took a jeep for Lansdowne, the fair being 400 bucks.

The team this time comprised of the following people
Antara- NIIT
Sumita- Satyam
Sunny- HCL
Me- Birlasoft

as always we guys freaked out big time as you can see in the pics..

sunny , antara, rajani, sumita

deadly sunny , macho hemant

three's a company

jumping jacks

hemant,sunny,antara,rajani,sumita and me

We had got a prior booking done in Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam’s tourist bungalow. The rates were pretty reasonable, 2145 Rs for one and a half day stay.

One of the good things about this quiet lil place was the colonial feel-bungalows, paths, church,benches etc We visited a couple of places like bhulla lake, tiffin top,St John's church etc
The various narrow paths lead you through jungles which to an extent resemble rainforests
specially during the rainy seasons.

On Day-1 we had gone to tiffin top, but we ran outta luck as it was raining cats and dogs and the entire area was covered with fog.
We decided to try our luck during day-2
and so after a much awaited wait, the fog finally cleared to reveal one of the most majestic sight we had ever witnessed. Everyone was so much captivated
This is what we saw......

Some other snaps from the trip

scary tree

St John's church


Duck@Bhulla lake

parasitic relation

Marjorie's grave

lonesome duck

grazing bull

Lazy kittens with mama

Wild flowers

man's age old companion